Last October 20th, teachers from Vocational Training Centers of the ICT field attended to an informative session about the Oracle Academy educational project in the INS Mare de Déu de la Mercè.

The initiative is part of the agreement between the Department of Education of Catalonia’s Government and Oracle University, thanks to which is given access without cost to the Oracle Academy program to the Intermediate and Superior public centers of Training Courses in the ICT field. As a highlight, 72 is the total amount of centers participating in this international program in Catalonia.

The event was attended by Proyecto Universidad Empresa (PUE), selected Oracle’s partner for the dissemination and management of the Oracle Academy and entity of support for the implementation of the program to the educational institutions, and Ms. Ariadna Rectoret, from the Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC).


The success of the event was evidenced by the interest shown by the attendees and the large number of registrations made during the event, as well for the main objective of the initiative: transferring to teachers the information needed to use the resources (software, e-learning,…) and the benefits that the program offer to them to apply it to the official and recognized training of students in Oracle (Java, Oracle databases, MySQL,…).

PUE’s Managing Director, Mr. Orlando Javier Domínguez, presented the Oracle Academy, focusing on the scope and usage of Oracle technologies in the ICT sector. He also put the accent on the advantages of the program for teachers and their students, on their way to work inclusion. His presentation was supported by Dídac Navarro, responsible technician of the project at PUE, who explained in a very useful and practical way how to access and use the different resources.


After a short break, the interesting speech of Ms. Ariadna Rectoret, representative of the SOC, provided information on currently ongoing programs of the “Garantía Juvenil” initiative, available to training centers approved by SOC. It’s a set of measures and services with an objective in common: to reduce youth unemployment. Among others, programs such as mobility, ICT-languages, professional experiences, new opportunities,…

Within the subsidized training area oriented in increasing youth employment, Mr. Àngel Garcia, from PUE, presented the “Jóvenes TIC” initiative from which is responsible, presenting it as the ideal complement to the studies for current and former students of training courses. As Mr. Àngel explained, “Jóvenes TIC” offers specialized courses at no cost based on the most demanded professional profiles in the ICT sector where the official training and certification on Oracle technologies is present.


Our heartfelt thanks from PUE to the Department of Education of Catalonia’s Government for making possible the celebration of this day, and to Ms. Ariadna Rectoret for joining us with an interesting speech.

Documentation of the event

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didac.navarro@pue.es - Responsible technician of the Oracle Academy, PUE – Registrations and technical support Oracle Academy 93 206 02 49