In our continuous persistence to bring the most demanded technologies in the IT sector closer to educational and vocational institutions in Spain, PUE, in its role of Regional VMware IT Academy, has launched a series of technical videoconferences (webinars) addressed to a group of selected centers and institutions.
Further than showing in an agile way VMware’s virtualization technologies through demonstrations and real-life examples, during these sessions it is intended to inform of the added value that resides in the VMware IT Academy program, as a training platform with quality educative resources and enhancing contents available around virtualization matter and also as the role it may play as connection bridge between government approved education and the access to official IT certifications at a professional level in VMware technologies.

Under this initiative, we have already presented two sessions in the last weeks of October 2013, dealing with topics related to features and management of VMware technologies.

Worth to note the high level of interest raised among the teachers of vocational training centers in Spain, having received more than 200 applications from professionals of this community.

If you are interested in the content of the sessions, you can subscribe here.

Or contact the service channel to educational institutions at:
Email: educacion@pue.es
Phone: 93 206 02 49