In its 4th edition, last April 26th, the event organized by PUE was once again the meeting point between the educational world and the technological sector of the country. The day brought together more than one hundred training centres, entities, universities and associations with multinational worldwide companies representing the business.


The new edition started with the welcome and presentation by Tony Ufano, President and Director of Institutional Relations of PUE and Javier Domínguez, CEO of PUE, who were both grateful for the high interest and level of participation raised regarding assistance, registration and repercussion in social media: more than 1200 people registered, 300 attendees, the presence of the top10 multinationals of the ICT sector and more than 100 active users on April 26th in the network.



Tony Ufano highlighted the themes proposed in the no less than 16 activities offered – lectures, workshops and certification day -, on hot topics in the European and Spanish digital agenda: cybersecurity, big data, internet of things, robot programming, amongst others.

Our CEO, Javier Domínguez, reiterated the main objective of the meeting: «To facilitate the hard and important work of the educational institutions in training their students», explaining that PUE DAY «is not a one day only event, it reflects the work developed by PUE throughout the year to be able to transfer all the current news from the educational projects in which the centres already participate or are interested in participating «.


The leaders in Education of Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, LPI, Cloudera, Couchbase, Scrum Manager, VMware and Red Hat, with whom we had the pleasure of presenting their academic initiative for the first time in Spain, accompanied us on a day marked by Learning and networking.

The leaders in Education of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Red Hat and Couchbase along with Francisco Javier Requeijo Pascua, CoLonel C.G. (D.E.M) Ministry of Defence; José Manuel Giménez Pemán, Director of Institutional Relations of Fundación Estatal for employment (FUNDAE) and José Antonio Ufano, President-Director of Institutional Relations at PUE.
Danny Gooris, Senior Manager Oracle Academy EMEA along with Àngel Garcia, Director of Education at PUE.
Hellen Thienhaus, Branislav Bukva, José Luis Ojer and Roberto Garbelotto from Red Hat along with Javier Domínguez and Àngel Garcia, CEO and Director of Education at PUE.
David de San Benito, Corporate Affairs Manager in Cisco Iberia along with Javier Domínguez, CEO at PUE.
Henry Chalup, General Director LPI Spain and Latin America along with Àngel Garcia, Director of Education at PUE.
Pete Childers, Vice-President, Learning and Strategic Development at Couchbase along with Lucía Ferrer, María José López, Roberto López and Sergio Rodríguez de Guzmán from PUE.
Dan Johnson, Senior Education Manager EMEA at Cloudera and Verónica Rodríguez, Regional Marketing Manager Italy & Iberia at Cloudera along with Lucía Ferrer, Roberto López and Sergio Rodríguez de Guzmán from PUE.

The presentations focused on aspects as interesting as Microsoft IT solutions for the training of students; The new Cisco Networking Academy curricula in cybersecurity and programming essentials; New LPI certifications; a presentation, as a novelty, of the world referenced academic program in free software, Red Hat, and all the news about educational initiatives from Oracle, VMware and Cloudera Academic Program.

Workshops were offered in which technologies and tools of application were seen in the classrooms and in the management of the educational centres:

  • The Lean and Kanban philosophy for project management through the Kanban
  • Pizza Game.
  • Office 365 as one of the most used cloud platforms in Education, universal access
  • at no cost to teachers and students.
  • Development of multi-platform mobile apps with Xamarin.
  • How to start programming with the Finch robot to train students in Java.
  • Examples of external connectivity, programming and applications of Raspberry Pi.
  • Cloudera Express as a solution to address the delivery of official courses in Big Data included in the Cloudera Academic Program.
  • And the Couchbase solution, a reference in the world of NoSQL databases.



David Cervera, Deputy Director GeneralIMG_0459 of Innovation Programs from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport for the Community of Madrid closed the day, recognizing how positive, events such as PUE DAY are, as they contribute to technological innovation in the educational world.

«The technological innovation,» said D.Cervera, «passes through the digital competence of the student and also the digital competence of the teacher.» «The teacher, he continued, has to train and be able to engage his students in the contents of their subject matter and, in addition, to do it in a language in which the student really has to feel comfortable; The digital language.»

To conclude, D. Cervera encouraged everyone to «embark on the dream in which the change to the digital, to the technological really impregnates all the subjects of the educational centres.»


Our sincere thanks to all who have made possible the success of the 4th edition of PUE DAY. Thanks to the participants, speakers, multinational companies represented and thanks to all the institutions and entities that accompanied us in a day which forges the work of an entire year: Education Council for the Community of Madrid, Government of Murcia, State Foundation for Training in Employment (FUNDAE), Federation of Independent Teaching Unions (FSIE), Inlea Foundation, Academy Cube, EC Council, IT-Gnosis, among many others.

Alfonso Luengo, Director of Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo (FUNDAE); Carmen Prieto, Technical Director and Antonia Fernández Pineda, HR Director at FUNDAE along with José Antonio Ufano, President-Director of Institutional Relations at PUE.
David Cervera, Deputy Director of Innovation and Ismael Sanz, General Director of Innovation at Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid; Luis Díaz Pereira from FSIE along with José Antonio Ufano, President-Director of Institutional Relations at PUE.
Claire Kempa, Founder & Owner at IT-Gnosis; Vincent Bartezak, Business Development South Europe at IT-Gnosis along with Lucía Ferrer, Sales Director at PUE and Roberto López Gago, Business Director at PUE.
Xavier Simó, Founder & President at Inlea along with Javier Domínguez, CEO at PUE.