Last April 13th, we held the 3rd edition of an initiative that started in 2013 and year to year has established itself as the reference event in ICT training and official certification held nationwide. 1200 people registered, 350 people attended and more than 500 tweets endorse the great reception and impact of the new edition of PUE DAY.


Assistants, multinational and education sector entities agreed to highlight the potential of the event as a meeting and networking space to access and exchange knowledge and share experiences.

«This event, said Roberto López, Oracle University Iberia Sales Director, has become a benchmark for the industry and the education world and an obligatory date mark in our calendar. Highlighting continued R. López, what you achieve is a space of understanding among all parties who are part of this network: businesses, manufacturers, academics and even government».

David de San Benito, Head of Corporate Affairs at Cisco Iberia, described PUE DAY as one of those «very necessary events in the educational ecosystem in Spain that connects us, he explained, with the reality of teachers and trainers in their day to a day in the classroom».


Keeping the goal of bringing ICT qualification to the educational world, the 3rd edition offered 15 different activities where, besides lectures and workshops, held a day of certification in which around a hundred official exams were made by the PUE Mobile Certification service.

The lectures presented the current academic programs of major multinational companies: Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, LPI (Linux Professional Institute), VMware and, for the first time, a presentation at national level of the project Cloudera Academic Program, the result of collaboration between PUE and the multinational company to bring closer training in Big Data to the training centers.

Dan Johnson, Senior Education Manager EMEA at Cloudera 1
Dan Johnson, Senior Education Manager EMEA at Cloudera

The workshops achieved a high level of participation. They offered, from actual applications and success stories of reference educational programs to proposals on cross-cutting issues of common interest such as Internet of Things and agile methodology.

Ramon de la Rosa and Jordi Ariño in the Srum and Cisco workshops

Highlights from the practical scenarios, workshops that awakened very significantly the interest of attendees include:

  • Spaghetti, sweets, cello tape and rope with which to perform a practical exercise to experience the efficiency of agile methods in managing tasks and projects with Scrum Manager.
  • Implementation in the classroom of the new Java Foundations certification designed exclusively by Oracle for Academy centers.
  • Effects of music, lights and action based on the interconnection of an Arduino platform through a Raspberry Pi device to demonstrate the practical application of Internet of things through the Cisco Networking Academy.
  • «Disaster Recovery» with LVM and PXE using the content designed by Linux Professional Institute.
  • Virtualization in the classroom and applied guide for efficient use of resources and benefits of VMware IT Academy initiative.
  • Presentation of the PUE Mobile Certification Service and its application designed so that educational centers can self-manage exams and certification days in their own facilities.


A special mention to Mr. Juan Gómez, Rector of the University of Jaén and President of the ICT Sector of CRUE (Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities), with whom we had the pleasure of having to close the day. Mr. Juan Gómez recognized the benefits of continuing to adapt the transfer of knowledge at all educational levels to the needs of the market, where further training is relevant, in order to facilitate the connection of students with employment. In his closing speech, the Rector thanked PUE for its role in training the official manufacturer as a guarantee for future professionals.

Juan G¢mez, Rector de la Universidad de JaÇn y Presidente de la Sectorial TIC de CRUE 2
Mr. Juan Gómez, Rector of the University of Jaén and President of the ICT Sector of CRUE and Antonio Ufano, General Director at PUE

A large thankyou to so many institutions and entities who accompanied us that day: Fundetec, FSIE (Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Education), ACPFE (Association of Professional Training Centers for Employment), State Foundation for Training in Employment and the University Murcia, among many others.

We say goodbye to the 3rd edition of PUE DAY as a challenge accomplished where the success achieved is the result of a year of work and fruit of all who have participated in the initiative: attendees, speakers and multinationals represented.

We are pleased to invite you today to the 4th edition of PUE DAY which will be held on April 26, 2017!

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