These awards recognize the best accredited training centers (ATCs), academic partners and EC-Council certified instructors (CEI)

The annual EC-Council Global Awards showcase the qualities and capabilities of EC-Council’s best partners and instructors. They highlight the highest levels of cybersecurity education, training, executive leadership and instruction, providing an excellent benchmark of quality.

EC-Council has recognized instructors from around the world who have excelled in cybersecurity education for their students in 2021.

We are proud to share with all of you that two of our instructors have been awarded in the EC-Council Global Awards 2021:


Genis Margarit Comtel, awarded as EC-Council Instructor (CEI) Circle of Excellence Award

Fernando J Ruiz Tapiador Gutierrez, winner of EC-Council Instructor (CEI) of the Year Award.


EC-Council Global Awards 2021, recognizing excellence in cybersecurity

The ‘EC-Council Instructor Circle of Excellence 2021’ award, along with ‘Instructor of the Year 2021’, are the most prestigious awards within EC-Council and the cybersecurity community. It is granted based on the following criteria:

  • Student ratings and feedback via EC-Council evaluations 
  • Participation in supporting student initiatives, clubs, and events 
  • Ability to take on new EC-Council certifications 
  • Supporting faculty training initiatives 
  • Attendance at EC-Council events and webinars 
  • Incorporating new programs and new technologies across credit or non-credit programs

In addition to meeting the previous requirements, ‘2021 EC-Council Instructor of the Year’ winners demonstrated the following skills, among many others:

  • Cybersecurity influence across their institution and state 
  • Develops overarching initiatives to influence cybersecurity careers 
  • Recognized publications influencing cybersecurity communities

Two recognitions to the great work, dedication and expertise of Genís and Fernando. Our gratitude to EC-Council and, of course, our most sincere congratulations to our instructors.

One of our principles is to offer training and official certification in technology with quality assurance. Having a highly qualified and certified teaching team with extensive professional experience is our pillar to successfully address one of our objectives as a company: to offer high-level training, based on the formative needs in technology demanded by the industry, to enhance the careers of our students, and increase their professional development opportunities. 


About EC-Council

Operating in 145 countries and with more than 200,000 certified professionals, its cybersecurity accreditations are highly valued and recognized by the professional market.


PUE, EC-Council Accredited Training Center 

The agreement signed with EC-Council certifies PUE as a training & certification partner to promote and deliver official training and certification in the most internationally demanded cybersecurity accreditations.

Among all the authorized training centers worldwide, PUE has been awarded with the ‘2020 EC-Council ATC Circle of Excellence’ and as ‘Best Performing EC-Council Partner for Spain’, one of the most prestigious awards within EC-Council, for its work in the dissemination and training of professionals and students in cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity training and official certifications

EC-Council offers the most recognized cybersecurity accreditations worldwide in ethical hacking, pentesting methodology, specific security of computer forensics and blockchain technology. In our portfolio of training and official certification as Accredited Training Center of EC-Council we provide access to their official courses and certifications in Live Virtual Class mode, with Online Proctored certification and free access to official iLabs. 

In one of the most demanded courses, CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker, you will learn to implement innovative techniques that will help your organization to generate cyber resilience from within, recognizing you as a professional in ethical hacking. Ready to boost your professional profile?

At PUE we offer you the maximum facilities so that you can get trained. Among them, you will find the exam included in the cost of the course if you are PUE Alumni, and free access to official contents to help you in the success and passing of the official CEH course. You will find all the details in the course details.