The implementation of Big Data technology in companies translates to significant advantages and benefits which we are going to look at in this post by Juan Carlos Sánchez, Cloudera’s Regional Director for Spain and Portugal.


4 points that make the solution offered by Cloudera stand out

  • The infrastructure, the Cloud

Cloudera stands out for its game-changing, unique platform in terms of data solutions. It is a platform that can run on any Cloud and can be executed on On Premise as well as on containerized Private Cloud and Public Cloud, with collaborations with Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud, amongst others.

It offers the client total transparency and elasticity that facilitate the continuity of On Premise projects and their expansion into the hybrid world.

  • The SDX

The so-called SDX (Shared Data Experience) gives coverage, from the point of view of data governance, lineage, and security, that allows the creation of projects without interference or interfaces, thus avoiding conflict between different owners.

  • Portfolio of solutions

The portfolio of solutions Cloudera offers covers all types of project in the data world, ranging from those that can be found in the most basic part of data ingestion on any type of device to all the data engineering, analytics, processing, and storage, in addition to data warehouse solutions. It also covers the most business-adjacent part with machine learning solutions. They are all market-leading solutions.

  • Commitment to Open Source

Cloudera is one of the world’s main Open Source contributors. as it always provides a layer of support at an excellent level, in addition to all the added value it offers the solutions.

If you are interested in this subject, you can see the full interview with Juan Carlos Sánchez, Cloudera’s Regional Director for Spain and Portugal.



Main benefits of CDP: Cloudera Data Platform

Cloudera offers multiple benefits with its Big Data technology for companies in any sector.  Among the most noteworthy are: 

  1. The speed of execution and implementation of projects, much higher than other solutions in the market. 
  2. The return on investment, up to 50% with respect to investment in other types of technology.
  3. Integration in a single platform guaranteeing the lineage, governance, and security of the data in all environments. The processes thus become simpler and more agile.


Solutions dedicated to each sector, client, and use case

Juan Carlos Sánchez highlights the importance of being able to provide solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client. For this reason, he claims, it is essential to «understand and know the trends and challenges of each sector, and collaborate with expert partners who can execute each use case based on the demand of the business. Understanding the business is key to being able to effectively and successfully apply Big Data technology». 


Cloudera and PUE, a solid forward-looking partnership

Big Data Cloudera Having partners like PUE is a pleasure. 

This is a partner that was born in the data market and knows it very well”.

Juan Carlos Sánchez

The collaboration between Cloudera and PUE has been successful and fruitful from day one, states J. C. Sánchez, recalling that PUE was Cloudera’s first partner for Iberia. 

PUE is currently a Platinum Partner, the maximum level of recognition within Cloudera’s partner program which consolidates PUE’s specialization in Big Data and Cloud technologies. 

PUE’s 100% certified team, which contributes intrinsic knowledge to all its projects, is one of the cornerstones of the successful collaboration between PUE and Cloudera. J.C. Sánchez praises the ongoing training of the PUE team as a value that guarantees the continuity and excellence of all the projects the two organizations execute jointly. A partnership of great significance for the data transformation that is currently taking place in the market.


PUE’s services in Big Data technology with Cloudera

  • Engineering and architecture. 
  • Implementation of CDP platform solutions: Enterprise Data Cloud, for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, functional analysis of the whole life cycle of data, security and governance in all environments, open source, expandable, and open to multiple data warehouses and computing architectures. 
  • Platform administration service.
  • Development of use cases in Edge Analytics, Streaming Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, Operational Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning.



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