This distinction has been achieved due to the effort made by PUE in the official training and certification of students in agile methodologies with Scrum Manager during the year 2022


Scrum Manager, world leader in training and certification of professionals in agile methodologies, has named PUE as its best partner worldwide, recognizing it as Platinum & Best Partner of the year 2022. 

Scrum Manager works closely with specialized training centers around the world to bring agile improvements to professionals and companies.

Each year, Scrum Manager renews its partnerships with the best centers that demonstrate a high level of quality and commitment to professional agile training as a framework for professional excellence and personal fulfillment. 


PUE and Scrum Manager, a successful partnership

Scrum Manager

In 2022 only 3 centers have reached the Platinum level in Spain. Among them, PUE has stood out above the rest, being distinguished as Platinum & Best Partner worldwide.

This recognition is granted based on the number of students trained and their evaluation of the training received.

Scrum Manager has currently more than 60 training centers around the world.  Being the best Scrum Manager training and certification partner in 2022 is a great recognition for PUE.


«At Scrum Manager […] as an annual recognition, we thank and distinguish the best for their quality and commitment to agile training with Platinum, Gold and Silver distinctions to accredit their position in the three ranks of excellence, exclusive to our best centers. In 2022 only 3 have reached the Platinum level, and among them the first and deserving of the Platinum & Best Partner distinction is PUE»

Juan Palacio Pérez. Manager | Scrum Manager 

«Receiving the Platinum Partner recognition from Scrum Manager is a great success and also a great challenge. At PUE, we will continue to do our highest to maintain the level of excellence of our official Scrum training, which has led us to achieve this award. We are proud to be one of the best partners worldwide in agile training and certification with Scrum for our customers and students»

Elena Jaén. Business Development & Training Director | PUE

This recognition will help PUE to continue promoting Scrum Manager training and certification, and further strengthen its commitment to agile methodologies.


Official training and certification in agile methodologies

As Platinum & Best Partner of Scrum Manager, we provide you with official training and certification to gain the agility necessary to promote professional excellence:

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