PUE has achieved the highest category in Cloudera’s partner program: Platinum Partner

This acknowledgement consolidates our specialization in Big Data and Cloud technologies, and is a distinction that places us alongside large tech companies.

Being a Cloudera Platinum Partner guarantees PUE’s high degree of knowledge and specialization in Cloudera technologies, as well as the quality of the service we offer as a partner that covers all the areas in the implementation of a Big Data project: Architecture, Maintenance, Development of use cases and Official training.

Sergio Rodríguez de Guzmán, CTO at PUE, affirms how the successful completion of new cases, the team’s wide experience, in-depth knowledge of the technology and a very good relationship with our clients contributed to ascending categories within Cloudera’s partner program.

“We always opt for cutting edge technology that will drive our clients’ innovation and transformation. Ideas, use cases, and new business lines in every sector are undertaken with knowledge and experience. The value of PUE’s team, with complete multidisciplinary certification, sets us apart.  We apply adaptable methodology to all types of projects, grounding our clients’ ideas and offering new ones, with the goal of continuous proactive improvement based on a deep knowledge of the applied technology at all times.”

Juan Carlos Sánchez De la Fuente, Regional Director of Cloudera for Spain and Portugal, expresses his satisfaction with the awarding of this distinction:

“We have been working with PUE for six years and it is only fair to recognize their excellent work in the development of Big Data, having an enormous impact for the client. We at Cloudera are very pleased with the collaboration and hope to prolong it.”

Very close collaboration with Cloudera

PUE began its collaboration with Cloudera in 2015, establishing itself as one of the first regional partners in EMEA. Over the following years, PUE decided to invest in developing the market, preaching Big Data solutions and preparing the entire technical team to complete official certification and assure best practices. 

IN 2017 and 2018, PUE received the recognition of the “Invest to Win Award EMEA” for our close collaboration and unified approach with Cloudera, to help generate greater value and impact for the client, through joint solutions based on the platforms Analytics and Machine Learning.

En 2018, Cloudera acknowledged the PUE team’s high level of specialization and expertise by awarding us GOLD Partner status, making us the first integrator company to achieve that category on a global level. This contributed to support for the internationalization of PUE’s services in other countries of the EMEA region.


We are truly grateful to Cloudera. This recognition is the best reward for PUE’s decision to invest in an expert and 100% certified team. It was not long ago that we began our adventure in the world of data, and today we can say we are a reference point for Big Data technology in EMEA.