Divonne-les-Bains (France) hosted from the 2nd to the 6th of June the 2016 LPI Global Summit, a conference organized by LPI (Linux Professional Institute) to gather their managers, and PUE was present among the major international partners, such as Pearson VUE and the European e-Skills Association (EeSa).

The summit aimed to present the latest news and current themes of Linux Open Source and LPI. The different sessions, lectures and activities that were carried out showed the importance of the movement and the LPI community in the world, counting today with more than 130,000 certified professionals and 500,000 examinations carried out.

PUE, represented by Javier Domínguez, Managing Director and Àngel Garcia, Product & Service Developer, was invited thanks to its important role in the development and promotion of official LPI training and certification in Spain, having achieved to be the country with the highest number of Certifying Linux Essentials Centers.

Àngel Garcia presented, as speaker of PUE, Developing and Managing a National Academic Certification Program. Throughout the talk he explained the application process, begun in 2009, of the LPI training and certification program in the Spanish academic community that today has more than 100 official LPI training centers. These results are fruit of the activity undertaken by PUE in its capacity as exclusive partner of LPI for the dissemination of the academic program in Spain.

In addition to developing a professional certification of the Linux operating system, LPI (Linux Professional Institute) promotes a special training program for schools under the mission to promote and certify essential skills on Linux and Open Source through independent exams of any distribution and/or manufacturer. Any institution attached to Linux Professional Institute has access to certificate approval to provide official courses in management of Linux Open Source operating systems.

PUE is the entity that manages the educational program of LPI centers in Spain. The accredited centers will receive, through PUE, guidelines and recommendations needed to train students towards overcoming the LPI certification levels available.

Presentation by PUE at the 2016 LPI Global Summit:
Developing and Managing a National Academic Certification Program
Linux Professional Institute Academic Program for Schools:

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