D2iQ offers within its solutions a Kubernetes orchestrator that provides added benefits both in terms of management and performance, which has led us, within our philosophy of continuous deployment and integration and DevOps, to consider D2iQ in the developments and integrations of systems and real time for customers, gaining functionality and scalability.

The collaboration agreement with D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere), leader in enterprise-level cloud platforms, recognizes PUE as a Partner Integrator and Reseller capable of helping companies in the necessary process of definition and decision making on their transition path to the cloud.


The road to the cloud is a process in which different stages of definition and critical decision making are completed: from the selection of technologies, to the frameworks and administration tools. In their role as a technology partner, PUE supports companies in the design and execution of the necessary steps to successfully and efficiently carry out a project in the cloud.

Kubernetes, key piece in the philosophy of Continuous Integration & DevOps

The integrations for both the input and the export or visualization of the data need a scalable and self-managed microservices ecosystem, where Kubernetes is a key piece in the philosophy of Continuous Integration and DevOps. This model, together with that of DataOps, allows PUE to offer its customers a complete stack that ranges from infrastructure management to the most advanced analytics in the most efficient way possible.

Within PUE’s commitment to D2iQ as one of its collaborators, it should be noted that D2iQ is a service and training provider of Kubernetes, certified by CNCF for a full service, which means that its solutions can successfully help organizations at any stage of the Journey to the cloud.

One of the best solutions today for Day-2 operations in cloud implementations

D2iQ makes it easier for organizations to adopt native open source innovations in the cloud in time, promoting more intelligent, agile, efficient and easy Day-2 operations.

With experience demonstrated by its involvement in some of the world’s largest cloud implementations, D2iQ allows you to accelerate native cloud travel with enterprise-level technologies, training, professional services and support.

The constant evolution of open source technologies makes it difficult for companies to boost their native trips in the cloud. This complex landscape and its associated costs are often amplified when organizations try to implement, integrate and maintain native cloud applications in their daily operations.

Being one of the original innovators of the cloud, D2iQ makes the most of its experience to provide navigation guidance that guarantees the scalability, resilience, governance and security that companies need and demand.

High business value with low costs

D2iQ offers three new solution areas that cover technology, services, training and organized support within the main technological practices:

  • Ksphere: making the most of a Kubernetes base, Ksphere is tailor-made to offer advanced capabilities for application orchestration. Ksphere presents the best technologies in the entire cloud native ecosystem, including Konvoy. Konvoy is a central distribution of Kubernetes with monitoring, registration, input control and disaster recovery to provide complete groups of Kubernetes and support services, all in a single installer, allowing organizations to have a cluster ready for production in hours versus weeks.
  • Datasphere:  designed to create and maintain large-scale data analysis, data science and data-driven application environments, Datasphere leverages the best open source data capabilities to ensure the successful use of services such as Kafka, Spark and Cassandra.
  • Mesosphere: By providing a mature basis for the massive scale of applications and reliability by making the most of DC / OS, Mesosphere drives some of the largest applications on the planet and runs a wide range of native applications in the cloud and data service.

The company also plans to significantly expand its offer in professional services, support and training, including a robust set of solutions to support an organization’s native cloud initiatives, whether it is in the initial phase – scope and planning. – as in postproduction.

There is not much time left to see the launch of Kommander, a new D2iQ product that will respond and resolve the handicap of governing all Kubernete clusters implemented in an organization. And Kommander will provide a single glass panel for life cycle management, observability and configuration management for multi-cluster environments. In fact and immediately, an alpha version of Kommander will be available for Konvoy users.

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