The last November 10th, PUE participated actively in the first Cloudera Sessions held in Spain with the speech “Become a Big Data Expert”.

Sponsored by Cloudera, multinational leader in Big Data’s market, the event “How to start a data-oriented strategy” held in Madrid was focused to offer key information to companies and professionals about Big Data’s phenomenon and data processing with Hadoop.

More than one hundred people were interested in the initiative of the multinational, which count on the presence of big companies such as Banco Santander, BBVA, Bankia, Accenture, Teradata, Evo Banco, Fujitsu, Intel and Idealista.

Arnaud Delanoue, PUE’s instructor, and María José López, Training Delivery Manager of PUE

The sessions were marked by the participation of Iván Rodríguez, Account Manager of Cloudera in Spain, who presented and kicked off the event. Following on from, Matt Bradwein, Product Marketing Director of Cloudera, wanted to begin the speeches with a brief introduction: “Currently, Big Data’s market is especially interesting to big companies that move huge amounts of data and need to control and automate them”. He continue adding: “Could be said that we are in a new technological era revolution: if the last century was characterized by living an industrial transformation thanks to the relationship between people and machines, we are now witnessing another one where the main focus of all is the relationship between machines and data”.

Then, Sergio Oropeza, Manager IT of Produban, a technological company of Grupo Santander, explained in his speech how Cloudera, with the OpenStack platform, is helping to develop his data strategy to provide the best service to clients.


Our certified instructor and specialist in Big Data, Arnaud Delanoue, explained during his speech “Become a Big Data Expert” the different training paths available, and also the profiles and certifications to be trained and certified in Cloudera Technology.

Arnaud presented in his speech the consulting service that PUE provides to organizations and professionals thanks to the expertise and potential of his team specialized in Big Data.

The event shows the quick evolution that Big Data is experimenting, and at the same time, point the lack of specialists in the field. As a direct consequence, Big Data becomes an opportunity as a specialization and personal development for ICT professionals.

Arnaud Delanoue, PUE’s instructor, in his speech ‘Become a BIG DATA Expert’

From PUE, our heartfelt thanks to Didier Schreiber, Marketing Manager South Europe; Jean-Mark Vogel, Channel Manager South Europe and to Iván Rodríguez, to giving us the opportunity to participate and co-sponsor the Cloudera Sessions in Spain.