With this accolade, PUE consolidates its position as an international leader in the implementation of Big Data solutions in hand with important partners like Cloudera

Cloudera’s EMEA Partner Summit was held on October 5 in Barcelona. At this event, partners from around the EMEA region came together to talk about the future and impact of data, in order to make what is impossible today possible tomorrow. 

It also included an awards ceremony at which PUE was honored as “Best partner of the year for the South EMEA region”.  

The prize acknowledges PUE’s work as a Big Data specialist with deep technical experience and distributed processing to maximize business value from data in record time, using DevOps and DataOps methodologies.

As a Big Data pioneer headquartered in Spain with expertise in everything having to do with data, PUE develops key value projects, consulting, training, and managed services for customers with Big Data business strategies, led and reinforced by a team of 100% certified technicians.

partner Cloudera
From left to right: Sergio Rodríguez de Guzmán | PUE’s CTO, Lucía Ferrer Sánchez | PUE’s CRO, Javier Rodríguez | PUE’s CEO, Alessandra Brancaccio | Cloudera’s Partner Sales Manager, Romain Picard | Cloudera’s Senior Vice President EMEA, Alvin Heib | Cloudera’s Head of Channels & Alliances EMEA. 

This achievement is the result of hard work strengthening our expertise in this sector for more than seven years, thanks both to the level of knowledge and specialization of our 100% certified team and the quality of the service we offer to cover the entire data lifecycle. 

Thank you to Cloudera for this recognition. It is without a doubt the best reward to continue working and giving the best of ourselves day after day. – Lucía Ferrer, CRO PUE.

“At Cloudera we are very pleased to be able to acknowledge PUE’s excellence as a partner. With this accolade, we want to thank the company for placing its trust in us and our technology, and – of course – to highlight the excellent work done by its professionals to maximize the business value of data and help many companies move forward with their data strategies”. – Juan Carlos Sánchez de la Fuente, Cloudera’s Regional Vice-President for Spain and Portugal.”

A long-term partnership

PUE started working with Cloudera in 2015, becoming one of the top regional systems integrator partners in EMEA. Over the following years, it invested in developing the market, evangelizing for the whole range of data solutions and preparing our entire technical team to comply with official certifications that ensure best practices.  

In 2017 and 2018, PUE received the “Invest to Win Award EMEA” for its close collaboration and unified approach with Cloudera, to help generate greater value and impact for clients through joint solutions based on Analytics platforms and ML.

In 2018, Cloudera recognized the high level of specialization and expertise of the PUE team by awarding it the “Gold Partner” prize and making it the first systems integrator in the world to obtain this categorization. This status positively contributed to PUE’s internationalizing its services in other EMEA-region countries. 

In 2021, we received the “Cloudera Platinum Partner’” distinction, guaranteeing PUE’s high level of knowledge and specialization in Cloudera technologies, as well as the quality of the services we offer as a partner covering all the areas of implementation of Big Data projects: Architecture, Maintenance, Development of use cases, and Official Training.

Cloudera partnerPUE specializes on complex solutions involving any kind of data, on any public cloud and integrated with on-premise platforms, ensuring reliability, security and performance thanks to their managed services on Data Engineering and DataOps.

PUE expertise on tech training provides a unique advantage to customers by enabling their technical in-house teams and ensuring a reliable source of talent both for PUE and for their customers, which is critical to the sustainability of any Big Data project. That way, PUE can truly enable their clients to become data-driven companies.

PUE covers the entire technical ladder for Big Data projects to become successful, from Data Science, to Data Engineering and DataOps, managing any data, anywhere and on any Cloud.

Cloudera partnerIf you’d like us to help you take your data strategy to the next level, we’d be happy to talk with you: contact us sales@pue.es!