On May 8th, the first edition of the Innovation Hub Sessions gave a tour of the most innovative technological solutions and trends in the areas of Big Data, Cloud, DevOps and NoSQL.

A whole day of high-level technical sessions on data driven architectures that generated a high interest endorsed by the more than 400 people registered and all those who attended it: more than 100 in person and more than 200 in streaming, with connections from Spain, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, among other countries. It’s remarkable, as well as the affluence, the high percentage of large corporations interested in technological disruption and digital transformation.


The event had the active participation of leading multinationals in the sector with which PUE has a close collaboration as a strategic partner in the design and integration of data centric solutions and models: Cloudera, Google Cloud, Confluent, Redislabs and Mesosphere.

Level and practical content in all the talks of the agenda

Real-time data analysis, continuous integration, machine learning, security in the Cloud, Apache Kafka and KSQL, were some of the topics covered throughout the day.



The agenda of the day revolved, thus, around solutions and technologies that help the necessary change of paradigm and digital transformation of equipment. In this sense, Isaac Hernandez, Country Manager Iberia of Google Cloud, explained in his session how «the Cloud is not a change of digital paradigm but also a cultural change loaded with value for companies».

Google Cloud closed their talk by encouraging companies to request help from PUE as a technology partner to work on the digital transformation of equipment towards this paradigm shift.4, I. Hernández said PUE, «can help you both in training – few can say that they have more than 50 certified professionals – and to take those first steps to start a first Big Data project or a public cloud project.»

As part of the agenda, we’d like to highlight the presentation of disruptive success cases, with Carrefour and Podo, in the corporate implementation of data centric models and Applied Artificial Intelligence respectively.

Iñaki Tabernero, Big Data Operations Manager for Carrefour Spain, explained in his speech what were the technologies for which they bet and how they used them to develop a data centric model. As indicated by I. Tabernero, «that was the challenge of Carrefour: how to apply technology to respond to the needs that were being generated.»

Today, Carrefour has become the company that leads the digital transformation in the area of the retailer with an multichannel strategy and a Big Data ecosystem that, as explained by its Big Data Manager Operations, «consists of 3 large areas: storage, processing and a layer of analysis and algorithms that allow our Data Scientists to anticipate the behaviour of our clients «.

PUE has been collaborating with Carrefour since 2017 providing operational services and critical mission in its big data service.

The General Director of Podo, Jorge Capilla, explained in his talk how «Podo, recognized by Google and Sales Force, is today the first architecture in the world of a utility end to end that runs 100% in the cloud».

J. Capilla, said that the electricity company, «opted for having an architecture based primarily on Google and Cloudera, with a single partner, PUE, who was the only one who said yes, that a Big Data could be operative. J. Capilla clarified, » We wanted everything to be in the Big Data, even to charge and bill our customers.»

Today Podo sees how they have managed to build a company in 3 years with a completely different platform, with scalable, flexible and infinitely more efficient technology costs. With 40,000 contracts generated in 2 and a half years and a growing growth curve, Podo expects to end the year with 70,000 clients.

IHUB-Sergio 2


Google Cloud EMEA Best Instructor Award awarded to PUE

Isaac Hernández, Iberia Country Manager in Google Cloud, presented the award of the Best Instructor of Google Cloud for EMEA to our certified instructor Mauro B. Pazienza which PUE was awarded in the event of Google Cloud Next.

As a Google Cloud Authorized Training and Certification Partner, PUE provides official training in Google Cloud.

With more than 12 certified technicians in Cloud solutions architecture and Data Engineering, and experience in the platform since 2015, PUE is a Google Cloud Platform Services Partner.

IHUB-Best Instructor


Access available to post event documentation

All the post-event content is available on the Innovation Hub Sessions website: presentations, videos of the talks, datasheets and some of the best moments of the day.

Access is enabled for all those who registered for the event and also available for those who, interested in the initiative, want to register.

Thanks to all the people and organizations that have made the success of the Innovation Hub Sessions possible in its first edition. Outstanding mention to Cloudera, Google Cloud, Confluent, Mesosphere, Redislabs, Carrefour and Podo for their participation in the event and the trust placed in us.

PUE is available to all those organizations that want to undertake a digital transformation with innovative technologies and solutions aimed at increasing performance, efficiency, agility and results.

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