Any stack or application at any scale anywhere. Datadog provides metrics, traces and logs on a single platform with multiple applications across different technologies like visualization, troubleshooting, machine learning, alerting, big data among others. As such, it offers cross-sectional view of company’s IT infrastructure, like servers, containers, applications and Big Data.

The deal signed with Datadog recognizes us as a Managed Services provider, able to implement and directly administer the platform for our clients, as well as licensing. Datadog is the perfect addition to PUE’s monitoring solutions for Big Data Full Stack setup and development to transform and modernize businesses.


Complete Full Stack Monitoring for Big Data Platforms

Full control, high performance and the ability to anticipate potential incidents are what that led PUE to aim to integrate complete full stack monitoring of applications, systems and services into its Big Data Full Stack setup and development, seeking not only efficiency, but also prevention, diagnostics and problem solving.


Unlike isolated monitoring systems -network, security, applications, infrastructure- Datadog unites all these components, making it possible to see the entire stack of a platform. Critically, this lets us establish correlations between different events in the whole of a company’s IT infrastructure, which in turn simplifies troubleshooting and leads to quick and efficient diagnosing of any potential error.

These features and the resulting ability to monitor different Big Data clusters and their events are what make Datadog the perfect addition for the smooth running and performance of Big Data platforms. In addition, not only does it provide and effective monitoring solution for Big Data, it also can serve as a link between different systems like databases, applications and microservices in the tech ecosystem, extending its reach and increasing the return on investment.


Thus, adopting Datadog broadens PUE’s services in system Administration and Support, significantly reducing diagnostic and troubleshooting times.

Datadog covers service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Red Hat OpenShift and OpenStack.

Datadog was founded in 2010 by Frecn engineers Olivier Pomel and Alexis LêQuôc with the aim of bringing together developers and administrators to make their day-to-day easier. It began as a cloud-based infrastructure monitoring service and today covers service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Red Hat OpenShift and OpenStack.

The platform includes interactive real-time dashboards that can be customized for the specific needs of each team or project; text search capabilities for metrics and events; communication tools so that teams can cooperate using the information that is generated; specific alerts for critical problems and access to the application programming interface (API) to accomodate unique infrastructure.

Moreover, Datadog is extremely versatile when it comes to integrating with existing infrastructure.

Among its main features are:

  • Metrics and events in the entire DevOps stack, systems, applications and services.
  • Performance optimization for applications through total visibility: creation of graphics and alerts about error rates or latency percentiles.
  • Data analysis in context to resolve problems and explore data
  • Proactive monitoring of the user experience with tests for self-maintenance and alerts about performance problems
  • Traffic flow visualization in cloud environments

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